Knotted and braided dog collars and leashes for the daily walks and other activities. Only high and strong quality materials are use.

I will try to explain a little about materials and how I do when designing for the different sizes of necklaces. It is always an assessment of how strong they should be for the individual dog / hound. I want it as thin and soft as possible and 100% safe to use. I only use the genuine high quality US Paracord line.

The strength of the setup for collars and liner.

Setup for XS & S sizes it will be with 1 mm. cords with a breaking strength of between 45 – 80 kilos.

Setup for M size will be 3 mm cords with a breaking strength of 180/192 kilos.

Setup for M / L – L – XL size will be 4 mm cords with a breaking strength of 250 kilos


As a starting point for the thickness of leashes, I take my own experience in what I have used for both puppies and small sizes, medium and large dog size L / XL. As well as what I use for training and exhibition. But when you order it will be one of the questions I want to ask you (How thin or thick should the dog leash / showline be?)

It is also a matter of taste whether you are for single line or adjustable line also called double line / dressage line. There are also many different kinds of showliner. But I will write about that later.

Depending on the size of the dog and the desire for thickness, it will be leashes that are braided together which together will form a very strong line for the individual dog. The metal part we also be in the strength and size that suits the dog’s strength and size. The types you can choose from are – Steel / silver – Brass / gold – Antique brass – Pink gold – Rainbow – Black )

Additional cords material.

Other cords are used as a supplement in both necklaces and show equipment, pendants / key rings etc.

There are many options…..

Glitter strings in gold, silver and many other colors. – gold and silver threads – Satin in many colors – leather – imitation leather with small rivets……

Pearls. Crystals and gems (More info is on the way)

Care & washing info.

Hand wash in a mild soap and max. 30 degrees hot water, as nylon does not withstand higher heat temperatures. use your fingers or a soft cloth / sponge (never use a brush as it will damage the fabric)